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Mount Everest Picture / Photo Gallery

  EPP - After Everest Expedition Photos - 2006 (11)
After the expedition we had some time together in Kathmandu
  EPP - Everest Summit Photos! - 2006 (45)
See amazing summit photos!
  EPP - Everest Camp 1 to Camp 3 Expedition Photos - 2006 (24)
Camp 1 (North Col) to Camp 3 (26,000 feet)
  EPP - Everest ABC and to ABC Expedition Photos - 2006 (62)
EPP pictures to and from Advanced Base Camp (ABC)
  EPP - Everest Base Camp + Everest Beauty Pictures & Surrounding Area - 2006 (39)
See beautiful Everest Shots and EPP photos at and around base camp
  EPP - Nepal & Tibet Pre-Everest Expedition Photos - 2006 (77)
Pre expedition photos of the EPP team and of Kathmandu in Nepal and photos of the journey to Tibet
  Pre-Expedition Shots for Everest Jan - March 2006 (13)
Pictures before we leave
  Mt. Everest Photo Gallery - 2002 (40)
Pictures of Mount Everest in Nepal and Tibet along with other mountains and vistas of the surrounding area in 2002.
  Tibet Photo Gallery - 2002 (36)
Pictures from Tibet - including Mt. Kailash and the surrounding culture, taken in 2002.
  Nepal Photo Gallery - 2002 (28)
Cultural Photos and More Pictures of Various Mountains taken in 2002
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*All Photos by Lance Trumbull and The Everest Peace Project. If you would like to use our photos for your promotional needs and/or you need high resolution images, please Contact Us. Our pictures have been featured in books, on web sites, and for promotional use in large companies.

"Fabulous photos, fabulous person—Lance Trumbull is terrific to work with. He goes above and beyond what anyone could expect to provide the best pictures—the impossible pictures— and the most accurate information! His sincere interest is in doing the best job possible—and he succeeds."

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